Little Bea Imaginings

Cloth dolls & toys. Handmade. One of a kind.

About the Artists

Little Bea Imaginings was created in 2013 by Summer Lindeman after her grandmother, Bea Sutton passed away, leaving her entire sewing room to Summer.  

As a classically trained artist, Summer had no real experience with sewing.  Not letting inexperience stop her, she decided to experiment with making toys for her young daughter, Little Bea, so her grandmother's sewing supplies wouldn't go to waste.  

After much trial and error, Summer created a few designs and found that her dolls and toys were popular with Little Bea's friends so she made them available to the general public.  She quickly found that creating dolls can be just as much of an art as the drawing and painting she had done previously.  She now creates dolls for children and collectors alike.  

As of June 2016, she has created nearly 100 dolls and is a member of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild.

You can like her page on Facebook to follow her day to day art adventures.

The newest artist in our shop is "Little Bea" Lindeman.  She is currently in the second grade and has recently been designing creatures for the Little BEAsts line of toys.  To create each BEAst, she draws a creature from her imagination then decides how the colors should go together.  Summer then creates a pattern which is given to Little Bea for approval.  If she approves, a prototype is made which, of course, the Little Bea puts through rigorous testing before they are made available in the shop. She decides if it is cuddly enough and tough enough for everyday play.  


Summer and the Little Bea

Little Bea and Grandma Bea